Tom Henderson Smith
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Building a WordPress Website for Tom Henderson Smith

Tom Henderson Smith

Tom Henderson Smith is a Cornwall-based artist who specializes in landscape and seascape paintings. He is a long-standing client of ours, being one of our first clients when we first moved to Cornwall in 2006.

The Problem

The site that we built for Tom in 2006 was a static HTML website which used PayPal buy now buttons for selling paintings and prints. The site had evolved over the years with some layout changes, but with the technologies behind it pretty much staying the same.

Tom is very active on his site and being able to keep the content updated himself is very important to him. With that in mind he had been using the Contribute software (originally Macromedia and then taken over by Adobe), which provided a user-friendly editing interface. However, over time Tom had been finding the software was beginning to have issues making it much less user-friendly, and with it being discontinued by Adobe there wasn’t the option to upgrade.

Tom was also keen to see the website brought up-to-date with current expectations, for example making it work better for tablets and smart phones.

The Solution

So, when Tom came to us asking for our advice, we recommended that we move the website on to it’s next phase. Our recommendation was to use WooCommerce as the basis of the site and with the combination of the WooCommerce shopping cart plugin and WooCommerce’s Storefront theme we could bring the site bang up-to-date, opening up the possibilities for its development moving into the future.

The Result

The resulting site has a very clean and modern design allowing Tom’s fantastic paintings to really stand out:


The site is fully mobile-responsive so it works well on whatever device you are using, and offers sales with PayPal for secure online payments. The new website has a built-in gallery search to help you find paintings, and improved navigation with categories and tags.

Tom has effortlessly taken on editing his site using the new system and is excited to see how it will continue to develop using the new features available to him.

Have a look for yourself:

Testimonial from Tom

“If like me you are interested in growing and evolving your website as a way of communicating, promoting products and developing sales online then I would really recommend Webfooted Designs as the people to help you. Ever since they initially set up my ‘Art of Tom Henderson Smith’ website eleven years ago they have supported and encouraged my efforts to effectively content-manage it. Over the past year this has involved a considerable upgrade with the move to WordPress. They had set up a WordPress blog for me from the start and now the website I have on this platform enables online viewers to have a much more sophisticated engagement with my art than was previously the case. The content development possibilities appear to be endless!”

St Just Miners' Chapel
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Supporting the St Just Miners’ Chapel

Last week we were thrilled to launch a website for the St Just Miner’s Chapel. As residents of St Just, this is a project which is close to our hearts. It’s such an amazing building and sadly it was due to close at the end of August 2017. However, thanks to some amazing people the doors have stayed open and there is a campaign to secure its future.

Our small contribution to the cause has been to create a website for the campaign. We’ve used WordPress as the basis of the site which will mean a great deal of flexibility for its development and maintenance. The home page includes an image slider showcasing some fantastic photos of the chapel, details of how to donate, and a feed from the Chapel’s Facebook page.

We are honoured to have been named the Chapel’s very first two ‘Pards’ and are looking forward to helping the website continue to develop over the coming months.

Pixie Payroll Services
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Transforming the Pixie Payroll Website

Meeting Pixie Payroll Services

Pixie Payroll Services is a local Payroll Bureau based near Helston, Cornwall, run by Kellie Burslem. I met Kellie a few weeks ago at a networking event and arranged to get together with her to talk about her website.

Kellie had an existing website but had been receiving feedback which suggested that it needed improving in a couple of areas:

  1. Design – the existing design was too informal and wasn’t giving the professional impression that she needed.
  2. Structure – the existing site was one page, which was limiting the scope for providing information about her services and optimizing the site for search engines.

I agreed with Kellie that we would tidy up the layout of the site to give a more professional feel, whilst keeping Kellie’s personality, and that I would split the content into separate pages.

The Transformation

We started by selecting a new WordPress Theme for the website. The Forefront theme by WooCommerce was the ideal starting point as it has a very professional feel and arranges the home page content in a way that is perfect for a business offering services.

We installed Forefront and created a child theme for it. When working with WordPress themes a child theme allows you to make customizations to the layout and styling without touching the original theme. By working in this way we could a colour scheme to complement Pixie Payroll’s branding and bring in design elements to give the site personality.

As far as the structure goes, rather than one page with all the content, we’ve broken it down into Home, About Me, Services (further broken down by service) and Contact Me, and also introduced a Blog so that Kellie can add useful articles and her news to the site.

The Result

Pixie Payroll ServicesWe are thrilled with the resulting site. The website has a very pleasing look and is much easier to navigate and find out about the services that Pixie Payroll offers. And Kellie has been getting some great feedback on the site. It’s also worth mentioning that the site has a responsive mobile-friendly layout so works well whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Have a look for yourself:

What Now?

It’s been lovely working with Kellie and we will be continuing to help her develop the Pixie Payroll website further in the coming months. As part of the work on her site we have moved her to our web hosting and domain name management service so that we can offer full support for her site, and we will be keeping the website backed up and WordPress fully updated so that it will continue to run smoothly over time.

What Kellie says about working with us

“I had a website before I met Emily at a networking event but it wasn’t really working for me. I made an appointment to see Emily and I am so glad I did, she is so friendly, professional and nothing is ever too much trouble. Emily has transformed my website – it now looks fresh and easy to use. I would highly recommend Webfooted Designs, the team now look after my website and all the maintenance.”