Domain name management

If you need help with your domain name registration, we offer a service that is ideal for you. For a small annual fee we can take care of your domain name for you.

What’s one of the best things that we could offer you? Peace of mind.

The mysteriously disappearing website

We know how important your website is to you and that having your website and email stop functioning is a real problem. Surprisingly, we find that one of the most common causes of a website being unavailable for a significant amount of time is simply because the domain name registration has been allowed to lapse.

We know that it can be difficult to keep on top of all the email in your inbox and if you have a change of email address that domain renewal reminder might never reach you.

Let us take care of it for you

This is where we come in. For a small annual fee we will take care of all that for you, giving you the peace of mind that your domain registration will always be kept up-to-date.

How much does it cost?

Our rates start at just £25 per year for a domain and £30 per year for a .com domain. This covers the registration fee and our time to manage the domain. And if you’ve got multiple domains we offer some fantastic combined rates, making our service painlessly affordable.

Just think, for as little as £25 a year you can be secure in the knowledge that your domain is being well cared for. Go on, give our service a try – it can help eliminate that sinking feeling when your carefully crafted website disappears.

Great value and a discount!

And what’s more, if you choose to pay your Domain Name Management fee by standing order together with your Web Hosting fee we’ll knock a fiver off your annual charge. We’re nice that way.

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