Peace of Mind for Webfooted Clients

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 13:51

Webfooted Designs Ltd has launched a new service offering Domain Name Management to give their clients greater peace of mind.

During the six years that the web design business has been trading, the Webfooted Designs team has found that one of the most common causes of a website being unavailable for a significant amount of time is due to the domain name registration being allowed to lapse.

“I get a sinking feeling every time I have to explain to a client that the reason their website and email isn’t available is because they have forgotten to renew their domain registration” said Emily Tarrant, Director.

For a small annual fee Webfooted Designs will take care of your domain name, making sure the registration is kept fully up-to-date and keeping you informed of any developments affecting the domain.

“Looking after our clients’ domain names is a natural extension of the services we offer,” explained Michael Rose, also a Director of the company, “It allows us to give our clients peace of mind that all the different elements of their website are being taken care of.”

Find out more about this new service on the Webfooted Designs website: or call 01736 786268 for more details.